SEO for Dentists in Bing

Is Bing SEO Necessary for Dentists?

One question that many dental practices have when they are thinking about doing search engine optimization is how important are other search engines that are available today. There are only a few major players, one of which is Google, and the others include Yahoo and Bing. Of the two smaller search engines, Bing has become the very good place to generate a substantial amount of sales. You simply have to know how to rank on the search engine to take advantage of the people that use this Microsoft Network search engine.

What Is Bing?

The search engine was designed by Microsoft, and it is an attempt to compete against Google. It has gone through many different modifications, even trying to look similar to Google, but it’s functionality is somewhat limited. It is a default on many browsers that you use, and the search results will come up in a very different way from what most people are used to. It is this difference which you can use to her advantage when trying to rank on Bing using these simple strategies.

Google VS Bing

To understand what search engine optimization strategies to use, you must first understand the difference between Google and Bing. For instance, Google values exact match domains and main pages that have specific keywords that are targeted, placed in the title tag. Being, on the other hand, is not going to rank your website simply because you have an EMD. They need to see a combination of factors including a title tag with your main keyword, and also meta-tags that have the keyword that you are targeting as well as a well-written description. Other differences include less of an emphasis on embedded videos with Bing, whereas Google who owns you to shows great favoritism to pages that have videos that are on each page. However, both of them can be greatly influenced by the power of social media. Google prefers links from Facebook. Bing prefers links from Twitter.

How Can You Get A Top Ranking On Bing?

The first thing that you need to realize is that Yahoo now uses the search results from Bing when people search for information. This is important to know when you are using certain browsers like Firefox which have removed Google and replaced it with Yahoo. It has also become the primary default search engine for Apple on their iPhones, so it has risen to a place of great importance. Therefore, once you can figure out what works on Bing, you can easily be found on Yahoo as well. What you will need to do is focus on what worked with Google a few years ago which was building quality links with keyword related anchor text. If you are going to use exact match domains, this must be coupled with the same exact keyword in the title tag for this strategy to work. Finally, make sure that you have links that are situated on Twitter and also Facebook giving you the power of social media links. The combination of all of these factors will help you rank high on Bing, which indirectly means that you will also be ranking well on Yahoo and for any search that is done on Apple devices.

Now that you know what to do, you should implement the strategies that have been presented to reach the top of this search engine. Bing has become much more relevant than ever before, and therefore it is a good place to have prime digital real estate showing up on the first page of its results.