Sign Company Business Model

A Basic Sign Company Business Model Overview

If you have a business that has a physical location, it is imperative that you have a sign out front. The sign needs to represent your company’s name, logo, and also should be visible at night. The larger the sign, the more likely it will be seen, even by people driving by. You must consider many things such as it shape, how high it will be, or if it will be on the side of your building. These companies will not only know which one will work best for your business, but they also follow a very basic strategy in marketing their products to companies online, or in their local area.

What Most Sign Companies Offer

When you find a sign company online, one that is advertising the different products that they have available, there are several that are standard for each company. For larger businesses, they will create and install pylon signs which are the type that you typically see from freeways. They will stack multiple businesses on top of each other, and usually, have a working relationship with the shopping center or mall where the businesses are located. You have probably seen pole signs driving down the street, typically sporting one or two businesses on top of the pole, all of which can be seen at night. Other types of signs are monument signs made of concrete or brick, or directional signs that you cannot see until you get inside of a building. These are just a few of the many that are offered by these businesses, and they will market their services in some different ways.

How Most Sign Companies Market Their Services

Once they have created a website, they will then start advertising using PPC traffic, and also search engine optimization. When you type in a particular sign on the Internet, companies that have done their work well can show up at the top of the listings. They will also have a subscribe box where you can sign up for a newsletter, usually in exchange for a discount on the signs that they sell. You will probably find these businesses advertising in the local paper, all of which will lead you to their website or physical store where you can make your purchase. They will usually divide all of their signs up in the different categories so that you can quickly find one that you would like to purchase. In the end, you will probably find several that will have the signs that you need, and you will simply choose the business that offers the lowest prices.

Selecting The Right Company

To choose the right sign company (short cut! Our friend, Greg has a great one in the Dallas area: http://turnersignsystems.com), you simply have to look for a business that has a large selection, great prices, and is willing to make modifications. The business that you choose should have years of experience in this industry, and should make it very easy for you to place your order either online or over the phone. This is how you will know that you have chosen the right one as it will be very easy to work with this business. Once you have placed your order, you can feel confident that the sign that you receive will be the exact one that you need.

Now that you know how sign companies operate, and how they attract potential clients, you can look for them on the web or in your local paper. Just be sure to compare the different prices that they charge for all of the signs that they have available, and also ask about custom signs to make sure you can modify any of them that you want. Your goal of getting a prominent sign company working for you is to help improve your business. You can also find information on local companies in your area by checking out Yelp, and even Google local listings, and see what other people have said. All of these tips will help you find the best sign company that is using this very basic business model for marketing their products.


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